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Tsilivi resort:Ideal for families, with choices in entertainment!

Tsilivi beach

Tsilivi resort is 5km from Zakynthos Town as you go further north and 9km away from the airport. It is close to the capital of the island but also not far away from the beautiful beaches of the north-eastern part of Zante.

Long with golden sand and shallow warm waters, Tsilivi beach is ideal for families and safe for the kids. It is developed with 3 beach bars renting sunbeds, umbrellas and offering drinks, refreshments, cocktails and snacks. Being open all day they are ideal places for chilling out all day long. Other beaches we urge you to visit are Mpouka, Gaidaros (Donkey), Ampoula, Psarou, Alykanas.

Tsilivi beach

Tragaki beach

Gaidaros beack

The advantage of summering in Tsilivi is that you are very close to Zante Town. It's only 5km away, so you can visit the capital of Zante in the morning and have a cup of coffee, or at night where you can stroll down the coastal road, have dinner in one of the restaurants or enjoy you cocktail in a a bar. For more info about what you should not miss in Zakynthos town check our recent post Zante Town: Top 5 things you should not miss!

But..what else can you do in Tsilivi? You may visit Milanio Nautical Museum. It is only 300m away from Planos village. Paintings, photos, compasses, model ships and historical relics are some of the objects exhibited. Adamion Pottery Shop is also a place to visit, see authentic, handmade pots, buy one if you please or even attend the pottery workshop available. Don't miss Tsilivi water park, with water slides for all ages! It has also snack bar and playground for the children.

Milanio Nautical Museum

Adamion Pottery Shop

Tsilivi Water Park

As Tsilivi is mostly a family destination things are calm and relaxing during night. Nightlife is limited in lounge bars with TV screens displaying sport events. In many of them karaoke nights are organized. For more choices you may visit Zakynthos Town. 

Photo from Main Stage Bar in Tsilivi (facebook page)

If you want to find more about Tsilivi check our page http://www.zantehotels4u.com/english/main/places/index/Tsilivi/6 .You will find information about accommodation, transfers and location.

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Alykans village! A place for a peaceful mind!

Alykanas village is located in the north-eastern Zakynthos and it is between Alykes and Xehoriatis. This lovely resort has its loyal visitors that appreciate the peacefulness and privacy it offers.

The beach of Alykanas is sandy with warm, shallow waters and it's almost always calm. Water sports are allowed. This beach is ideal for families with young children or couples that avoid noisy and overcrowded places. Close to the beach you will find two beach bars offering snacks, beverages and drinks. If it happens to stay in Alykanas village don't miss Alykes, Xygia and Makris Gialos beaches as you go further to north. Each one of them has its own unique beauty. 

Alykanas beach

Alykanas beach

Alykanas beach

In locations near this village you may try alternative activities such as visiting a bio-family farm and participate in traditional activities such as olives' gathering, pruning of organic grapes and vineyards, or even cook a local meal with the family. Horse riding is also an option. There is also a local tourist train that rides around the wider area and guides you to picturesque villages. If you are a trekking fun you may take the path that leads to Vrahionas village (4km way from Alykanas).

A local bio farm

Horse Riding

The tourist train

Alykanas has not a busy nightlife. As mentioned in the beginning of this post, it is a resort that offers you chill out and relaxation options. So, if you want to spend your precious night close to the beach, on a nice cafe-bar, drinking your cocktail or beer and listen to lounge music in a chill out atmosphere, then this is the right place for you.


If you are interested in staying in this resort we suggest you to visit our page http://www.zantehotels4u.com/english/main/places/index/Alykanas/10 and find more details about accommodation, transfers, boat trips and sights.

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Zante Town: Top 5 things you should not miss!

Zakynthos Town
Zakynthos Town located in the east side of the island is the capital of Zakynthos. A city literally rebuilt out of its own ashes, since a wildfire destroyed everything that has been left by the catastrophic earthquake in 1953.

1. The coastal road known also as "Santa Marina" street leads to Dionysios Solomos square, which is the biggest square of the beautiful island. One of the most popular attractions on the square is the statue of Dionysios Solomos (Greece's national poet that wrote the national anthem). The statue is situated in front of the Byzantine Museum
Zakynthos Byzantine Museum

Dionysios Solomos Statue

2. Another famous square of Zante is the Saint Marcus square. During the 18th century it was the center of social and political debating among the prominent figures of the island. The Museum of Dionysios Solomos, Andreas Kalvos and other Eminent Personalities of Zakynthos is housed in a Neoclassical building at the square of Saint Marcus. Portrait of prominent figures of Zakynthos, personal items of Dionysios Solomos and many of his handwriting are displayed.

The Museum of  Dionysios Solomos, Andreas Kalvos  and other  Eminent Personalities - Photo sighted on alepou-of-zante.blogspot.gr

Saint Marcus square -  Pictures sighted on www.zakynthosinfocenter.gr 

3. 2km away from Zakynthos Town you will find Strani's Hill. This hill is famous as Dionysios Solomos wrote there the national anthem of Greece. Except for the stunning, panoramic view of Zante Town, this place is worth visiting for the famous poet's monument and bust surrounded by pines and olive trees.

Dionysios Solomos monument on "Lofos Strani" hill. - Picture sighted on www.greekguide.com

4. A tourist train ride is also available. Kids usually love it but it's also a fun way of sightseeing. It rides around the city and you are guided to the most famous sights of the town. It reaches Argasi, a resort 4 km away from Zakynthos Town, further to the south. 

The tourist train in Zakynthos town

5. Last but not least we urge you to visit Bohali. It is located on a hill above Zakynthos Town. You will find many restaurants and cafe-bars with a magnificent view over the city and the port. During night or day, having a cup of coffee or a drink it is definitely worth a visit. Try also "frigania", a delicious local dessert.

Bohali by night

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East Coast beaches in Zakynthos!

Northern Side of Zakynthos

Alykanas beach: sandy beach, shallow and warm waters, two beach bars, approachable by car, water sports are allowed.

Xigia beach: about 6-7km northwest of Alykanas. The beach has pebbles and it's getting deep quickly. Not a developed one. It is famous for its picturesque landscape and the high concentration in sulfur. It may be annoying in the beginning but you will get used to it after a while.

Makris Gialos beach: very clean waters, pebbles, not a developed beach. It is located between Alykes and Saint Nickolas (Volimes). Ideal for couples or good swimmers.

Tragaki-Ampoula: a quiet, sandy beach between Alykes and Tsilivi resort. It is developed and the water is shallow. A few beautiful local taverns are found close by. 

Southern Side of Zakynthos

Porto Azzuro: beach surrounded by pine trees. Developed, with a lounge beach bar under the same name. Crystal clear water, ideal for couples.

Banana beach: the biggest beach of the island with white sand, beautiful waters and full of life. It is developed and has two beach bars. Water sports are allowed.

Porto Roma: a quiet little beach with sand and pebbles. There are some sunbeds but they are not many. You may provide yourself with snack and beverage or water from the little tavern close by. There is enough place for parking.

Saint Nikolaos (Agios Nikolaos) beach: it belongs to Vasilikos resort. A cosmopolitan, sandy beach surrounded by trees. It is next to the most famous beach bar of the island. It is approachable by car and has plenty of space for parking. Ideal for young people.

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Is Zakynthos the ideal place for young children? Let's find out...

Zakynthos is an island famous for its beaches and landscape. The eastern coast of the island, approachable by car, is totally safe for the kids, as the sea waters are shallow, warm and calm. Most of the beaches on this side are sandy, so children can play there all day long. But, is it that all?

The Shipwreck (Navagio) is the most famous sight of Zante and one of the best beaches in the whole world. If you visit Zakynthos and miss Navagio it's like you've never actually visited the place! You’d be happy to know that you can join a boat trip to Navagio on a pirate ship!  The crew is dressed in pirate’s costumes and you will hear the theme song of Caribbean Pirates playing! Your kids are going to love it! If you are interested, find more details at http://goo.gl/DIiQCF 

The pirate ship - photo from http://www.cavogrosso.gr/

The pirate crew- picture from http://www.cavogrosso.gr/ 

Argasi is located in the eastern side of the island. It is a busy resort with lots of entertainment choices. If you stay in this resort or it happens to be there you may take the tourist train and visit Zakynthos TownChildren always like train trips! It’s cheap enough (5 euros return for adults and only 3 euros for children). You will be guided around the town by the train driver. Check the video below and you will see what it looks like. 

Not all of the tourists visiting Zakynthos are interested in local traditions or eco-tourism. But for those who would love to see how the Zakynthian olive oil is produced we suggest them to visit Aristeon olive press museum. It is located in Lithakia (near Agios Sostis village and Laganas resort). Join the guided tour where you can watch all steps of the production process. It will enhance the knowledge of your kids and of course it will be fun!

Let’s be honest! Water-slides are always the best choice for having fun and increasing your adrenaline’s levels. Your kids will have an unforgettable experience and you can enjoy your day by having a coffee and a snack at the snack bar or even trying a fun ride too!!! We suggest you 2 water parks to spend your day with your family: Caretta’s Beach Fun Park in Kalamaki and Tsilivi Water Park in Tsilivi

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Luxurious activities in Zakynthos

Zakynthos, also known as Zante, is an island of the Ionian Sea, famous around the world for its amazing beaches.
If you ever visit this island you will discover:

-sandy beaches with calm and warm seawater
-rocky beaches with rich seabed
-beaches of rare and exotic beauty such as the Shipwreck (Navagio), the Blue Caves or the beach of Marathonisi Island

Laganas beach

The Blue Caves
Marathonisi beach

The Shipwreck (Navagio)

But there are more hidden gems to be explored.
In Zakynthos many agencies organize excursions and boat trips around the island to show gulfs, caves and beaches that are approachable only by boat.
Someone would wonder what is the case if someone needs more privacy... 
What if he/she wants to enjoy a daily trip around the most beautiful beaches of the island, away from the crowd, just with his/her partner or friends?
Are there any options?

Well, the good news is... YES! 
Agencies that rent private boats offer many choices according to your wishes and budget!
It is even more fascinating the fact that you can actually cruise yourself without even needing any license or experienced skipper with you! This of course applies only to short routes.

Rent a boat for a whole day or for as many hours as you wish. You may choose a standard route or make stops wherever you like! It's up to you!

A VIP option is also available offering a luxurious experience that will be so hard to forget!

If you are interested you may check the links below and find more details about private "rent-a-boat" services. They are the best and the safest on the island.

Explore Zakynthos most exotic beaches!

The Shipwreck (Navagio) - Northern west coast 
Zakynthos' most famous beach and one of the top beaches in the whole world!

The Blue Caves - Northern east coast 
Crystal clear waters with an unusual blue color that will amaze you!

Porto Limnionas - Southern west coast
A beach that has not lost it's natural beauty. Explore it's rich seabed!

Xigia beach - Northern east coast
The best natural spa you will ever have in a picturesque scenery!

Marathonisi beach - Northern coast
Also known as the turtle island! Is uninhabited, full of green with a fabulous beach. 
Also a nesting area for the Caretta Caretta turtles.

The above exotic beaches are approachable mainly by the sea. If you don't want to miss them there are many boat trips available. See below the most famous and safest:

Boat trip to Navagio and the Blue Caves

Trip to Limnionas on a private boat

Boat trip to Marathonisi

Mini cruise to Caretta - Small groups